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Which Paraphrasing Tool to Choose: Top 6 Ideas for You

No matter how good you are when it comes to writing, you may still face difficult times like writer’s block or other circumstances. One of the possible ways out is paraphrasing the texts of other authors that you enjoy. Paraphrasing refers to rewriting the text to make it look 100% unique and completely different from the original source. While some writers are great at writing from scratch, they may fail to rewrite content. Using synonyms and changing the word/sentence order is not enough to make a full rewrite of the content. What you may need as a student or writer is a professional paraphrasing tool online. While there are plenty of them out there, we will explain how to choose the best software for rewriting as well as provide the names of the best apps you might enjoy.

Sentence Rephraser

Selecting a website for paraphrasing content depends on what exactly you plan to achieve. In most cases, a paid automatic paraphraser is targeted towards content marketers. As a rule, students need a single paper per time rewritten from scratch. Online content marketers usually need hundreds or even thousands of unique texts paraphrased from a single original source. Article submission is one of the goals of those who develop such applications. Some authors use such software to overcome problems with plagiarism. To sum up, a paraphrase generator will be useful to:

  • Paraphrase sources
  • Get ready for your classes
  • Submit multiple articles
  • Catch up with deadlines
  • Avoid issues with plagiarism

Save the main idea of the articles you like!

As for the younger writers, students, they must realize that a reword tool can become a plagiarism generator if they forget to cite or reference sources properly.

As for the online content marketers, they need search engines to view their content as 100% original. Google does not scan and recognize plagiarism content and may even ban such websites. Those who feel they are weak at paraphrasing may try some of the best paraphrasing tools both free and paid. We have analyzed the best rewriting software to help you out!

Which Paraphrase Tool to Choose?

Once you type “reword my sentence” in the search field of your engine, you will get numerous results. So, how to choose the best one? It is an individual deal. The process of choosing depends on your purposes, and here are the top tools you should consider while writing your content.

Paraphrasing tool: Instead of passing numerous captcha codes, answer a single math question to start using this software. The default settings predetermine that capitalized words remain unchanged. However, you can change this option.

Spinner Chief: You can try a free version before purchasing the product. This sentence changer generates multiple contents in several minutes. It is popular for its speed. However, while generating so fast, it may conduct some mistakes. Thesaurus that is used for synonymization mostly is the basis for this software. The app supports more than twenty languages. Its spin-tree process allows paraphrasing sentences straightforward.

Chimp Rewriter: This reworder is positioned as the first paraphrasing app ever that recognizes the structure of the text. You can try it for free or buy the advanced version.

The Best Spinner: If you need simple navigation and fats processing, you may consider The Best Spinner. A Cloud-based Thesaurus is the primary feature of this software. It auto-paraphrases the entire text in minutes. It is possible to come up with the “Favorite” synonym list and use it whenever you need later. Mind that this app is paid initially.

Content Professor: If you need a multilingual Thesaurus, you definitely need this website. Everyone can use it free of charge, but if you need some awesome extra options or improved speed of rewriting, you can pay for the monthly membership. Also, the paid membership allows processing the unlimited amount of articles. The extra features of this great tool also include:

  1. Improved spell checker
  2. Assistant option
  3. Customizable copied text scanner
  4. Integration with Copyscape and Plagium

Small SEO Tool: Meet another sentence rephraser online free of charge. You will see all the removed or changed words as they will be highlighted. If you wish, with a single click on the word, you can revert to the original one. This option allows finding other versions of the word if you do not like the offered one. It is possible to complete the list of possible words with your own suggestions.

Best Rewording Tool for You: Verdict

So, what are the top features that allow choosing the best paraphrasing tools? Here is what we found out based on the customer and experts reviews:

  • 0% plagiarism
  • The absence of grammar or spelling mistakes
  • No similar sentence structure
  • 0% incorrect wording
  • No content generated by a tool

Of course, it is not that easy to find software that contains all of these features. However, our experts did their best to select the most effective rewriting apps for you. Check them out and make your choice!