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How It Works

Our service is created for people, who need some paper help. It doesn’t matter, what kind of support you need. The full package of academic tasks is fulfilled by experts with exceptional skills. People have been waiting for so long for somebody to come and solve all their college problems. Well, we’re finally here. Let us represent all our processes:

  1. Information about order placement.

You should select your discipline type and topic. If you want to know the number of pages of your future material, it’s not hard to find it out. Keep in mind that there are 275 words on a page with double spacing. It’s not hard to count another thing. There are 550 pages on a page with single spacing.

Well, when you’re done with your choice and calculation, do another important thing. Each user has to be registered on the web site. Fill the form in the most careful manner. But don’t forget that info has to be true. When your application is confirmed, you can freely start using your user cabinet.

Start arranging an order when the previous stage is done. Complete our special form with a demanded data. Choose your discipline type, topic, add all instructions. Writers always keep requirements of our customers. You’ll definitely get an excellent material.

If you’re afraid that your data will be shared with someone else, we assure that it’s not going to happen. No one will get a piece of your individual data. A special code will be given to you. Only our managers will see your general info, because they need to communicate with you somehow.

  1. Payment

This part goes just after order placement. You’ll get a total sum of services. Select the most preferable payment system and pay. A writer will be chosen when we’ll see your money on our account.

Writing, proofreading, editing, title and reference pages are in the price. Besides, pay attention to your deadline. An order may cost more because of urgency.

Take advantages of our discounts and make your order price lower.

  1. Monitor your task execution.

A writer is chosen in accordance with a subject type and complexity level. A user can even select a top expert from our list. None extra fee is demanded. We have writers in many countries. It lets us take more orders from our customers. All papers are written in brilliant English.

All processes are monitored from your control panel. You can communicate with your writer from this cabinet. We created a tool for users, who want to send messages to their helpers.

In case you want to see a written part of your task, ask a writer to show it to you. Look at it and suggest corrections, if it’s needed.

  1. Get your materials.

When a writer fulfils a task, he/she sends it to a user. A preview version appears in your personal panel. If everything is Ok, you just confirm that you like a paper. A full version becomes available in a moment after we receive your confirmation. Download a material and start preparing for your performance.

Ask for revision in case it’s needed.

As you see, all processes are simple and transparent. We always wanted to be closer to our customers. Trust is the most valuable thing in those relations. Each our paper is an excellent example for students. They can follow all stages of a text composition. All clients become members of our huge company family. They are real treasure for us. Become one of them!