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Preply Review: Teaching English Online Has Never Been Easier Before!

Who can help students to achieve new academic heights better than online tutors? It is easy – a student does not even have to leave home and attend traditional tutors with the help of educational services. One of such websites is Preply. Students can connect with the best tutors in their area with the help of this tool. Initially, it was an English learning center mostly for the international students and young learners. Today, it is more diverse.

This Preply review will help to identify the top professional tutors on the web and find the right one for you.

Methods Used to Deliver English Lessons of the Premium Quality

The service’s mania study tool is Skype. Some say that Skype is a bit outdated and has its issues, but, in fact, it is still comfortable to study using its video conferences and phone calls. After all, Skype is free inside your region and pretty cheap for the international calls. Thus, we can say that the company has chosen one of the best methods to let the students outside the US reach the top tutors without any obstacles. Graphing and document editing were also introduced to speed up the process of learning.

Each user may select teachers online based on their profiles and ratings.

Services Offered by the Online Tutors from Preply

As far as the company hires language tutors from more than 185 countries, they are all native-speakers when it comes to different languages. The service offers the most popular languages around the globe:

  • English of all dialects (the US, the US, Canadian)
  • French
  • Arabic
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • German
  • Russian
  • Chinese

It is easy to pick the tutor you need thanks to the service’s smart system and user-friendly interface. The service is also mobile-optimized to let the learners pick a tutor online using their mobile devices as well.

The level of language, as well as a tutor, depend on the reasons why you would like to study this specific language. It makes Preply better than many other language learning centers as it narrows down the vocabulary if you have no time to study the entire language and need the basic phrases ASAP and makes it possible to focus on what you really need. The categories are:

  • Career
  • Education
  • Relocation
  • Traveling
  • Hobbies
  • Family

It makes sense that if you choose the first category, you will be offered the course in a business language like Business English, for instance. After choosing the main category, you will be offered to answer several more questions to help you with choosing the most appropriate tutor. By the way, do not forget to specify your current level of the target language. We recommend taking a quick online test to be sure about it.

You can work with several online tutors simultaneously studying more than one language at a time.

Pricing and Quality of English Tutoring

You can only choose local tutors, and their personal information is private. However, the quality of teaching English online is perfect here. We asked some experts in other languages to evaluate other languages offered.

Every new client has a right for the trial English lessons, so you have time to decide whether this service suits your needs or not. In most cases, customers remain satisfied. They obtain a certifies English teacher form one of the top universities of the US or the UK for the fair price.

By the way, speaking about the price, the system allows estimating your budget and selecting the tutor based on your financial opportunities. Also, you can see the price in your local currency to make it more comfortable for you. Some tutors have different levels of various languages, and you can see that the price may vary depending on these levels. It is evident that a native speaker will ask for more than non-native.

Usually, the prices start at $10 per hour, so it is somewhat democratic. Perhaps, Preply offers one of the cheapest online English classes as well as other language lectures. Keep in mind that the salaries around the world are different, so they also impact the price of your tutor.

The website manages payments between the client and assigned tutor. After scheduling the first online class, you will need to enter credit card details.

It is possible to communicate with your auto directly by sending a direct message to him or her. The team guarantees that they scan each candidate carefully before approving. They ask for the necessary certificates and teaching diplomas. Before being hired, each potential tutor should pass the series of test to prove their competence.

On the whole, the service’s payment program and lesson suite are highly professional.

Even though there are plenty of competitors out there, Preply keeps on improving with each new year. It is expanding the base of tutors all the time.

Preply Guarantees and Extras

As we have mentioned above, it is possible to try one first lesson for free before making a decision and paying for the tutor.

The company has a satisfaction guarantee. While the first lecture is free of charge, you may dislike the second or the third one. The service has no problems with providing its customers with the full refund and offering another, more suitable tutor. However, it rarely happens as the selection criteria are rather strict, and all tutors are experts that avoid lying in their resumes and profile information.

  • The company also guarantees:
  • Complete security of payments
  • Full confidential of customer’s personal information
  • Fast response rate
  • 24/7 customer support

At the same time, to obtain all those guarantees, a customer is obligated to accept the service’s rules. For example, after the introductory session, instead of paying as you go as a standard rate, one has to prepay for several hours to get in touch with the chosen tutor. Perhaps, it is the only small gap that may cause some inconvenience.


Prepay has tutors available 24/7, so you may start your leaning at any time. It is easy to select the most suitable tutor and manage the prices. By today, Preply is one of the best learning centers online for people who wish to study languages. Do not miss your opportunity to master one more language – ask local tutors for help and start your trial lesson!