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This document must be examined and agreed in case you want to enter the website and it’s products. If our represented rules and terms are acceptable for you, please, approve the doc and keep using the source. In case some rules aren’t appropriate for your beliefs, quit the website momentary. These rules can be changed in certain circumstances. Check the doc sometimes and decide, if you’re ready to follow our conditions.

1. Licenses, Copyright and Submission

Articles, trademarks, texts in general are protected by the International law. Copyrights belong to the existing site, partners and licensors.

It’s forbidden to copy, republish, change or distribute articles from this resource. You can take only separate text parts from a few parts of the source. But no one can use them for commercial purpose. None part can be changed.

It’s a non-exclusive and free source with a perpetual license. This source is allowed to create and publish texts and perform various info types. It also can produce and introduce new tools and services. A user submits to all public areas of the site, such as: forums, groups etc. You agree to get news from the service by your email. User’s name will be also used for advertisement and marketing needs. You also agree that there won’t be recourses connected with contraventions and various misappropriations of a proprietary right.


Articles, tools, texts and instruments posted and suggested here belong to the site. They are special brand marks of the source. All other instruments and posts may belong to merchandising marks of partners of the site.

2. Terms Of Use

A user realizes that we answer only for our products, services, content and instruments. Other pieces of info and posts belong to partners or other sources on the Web. You’d admit that we don’t control content of other companies on the Internet. We also want you to know that we don’t warrant that any of received papers from the source won’t contain viruses and various pernicious invaders. You answer for your individual actions which have to satisfy your individual needs.

We are not in charge of all merchandising, promoting and other materials you can find and take from the Internet. It’s up to you if you want to use all those services, tools and documents. We aren’t responsible for your decisions in case you preferred to click on someone’s advertising on this site or Internet.

We don’t warrant that all options, opinions, errors or merchandising here or on the Internet will be fixed. We don’t promise that our site will be closed or changed.

You’d realize that some materials on the Internet are of sexual or unacceptable character. It’s totally your risk to use them. We don’t hold responsibility for that content or your decisions.

Liability Limitation

We aren’t liable for any info, transactions losses, business interruptions, indirect damages or docs received from the site. It also concerns acts of users who were advised to download some materials from the source. Some regions don’t exclude various restrictions, so, some rules may not apply to you directly.

We don’t represent other links on our web site. But, if you somehow saw some link here and clicked on it, please, understand that we aren’t responsible for info of that source.

3. Indemnification

Confirm you have to defend and keep safe the existing site. Its managers, directors and other workers won’t have to suffer from money losses, damages and costs in case our rules have been violated.

4. Rights Of Third Parties

“Terms of Use” and “Indemnification” paragraphs contain info and rules regulating actions and relations of our employees and third parties.

5. Termination

Anyone can terminate this doc whenever it’s needed. Paragraphs 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 should be saved after any termination.

6. Miscellaneous

All relations concerning us and a user are regulated in the Worldwide. All claims have to be satisfied or adjust during 1 (one) year after appearance. This Agreement won’t be construed as a deviation from rules.

Any paragraph may be changed without your admission.