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Regards as the Important Part of Complimentary Closes

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“Best regards” or “sincerely yours” – here is the question! For some people, finishing a business letter is a real challenge. Students who apply for the college programs have similar issues. After all, they should sound polite enough as demonstrating skills and desire to study is not enough to be chosen out of the pool of candidates.

If you face similar etiquette issues, it is a good sign that you’re on the right way. Learning the difference and what is right is not difficult. So, what is the best way to finish an application, cover, follow-up, or thank-you letter nowadays?

If you are looking for the best regards definition, you should know there are three of them:

  1. To look upon/think of with a certain emotion;
  2. To think highly of;
  3. To demonstrate respect for someone.

As you may guess, the best way to define regards in case of formal writing is the second option. If you use regards meaning showing concern for someone, you will most probably succeed with your intention to seem polite and friendly.

Is there good in regards to synonym? When to use in regard or in regards? Our post provides answers to all of these questions.

The Ways You Can Finish Your Letters

Before we move on to the primary question of this post, we should remind you that some other versions of the good ending include the phrases with the words “warm,” “yours,” “sincerely,” “best,” “wishes,” “respect,” “cordially,” “thanks,” “affectionately.” Each of these words is a regards synonym. They are all good if you want to introduce yourself as a polite person and express respect to the receiver.

Here are some of the ways to end a letter with the help of the word “regards”:

  • warmest regards
  • kindest regards
  • with regards
  • kind regards
  • warm regards

As you can see, there are many ways to finish your writing and leave a positive impression on the recipient. Insert the offered phrases before the signature in your official letter. The complimentary closes mentioned above are all acceptable in the modern business world. Pick any of them based on your preferences.

Still, some cases require usage of various complimentary closes. For example, if you wish to congratulate the person with the career growth, you may say, “warm wishes.”

The best regards meaning would be best interpreted through situations when you wish someone happy life and many pleasant moments in general. The kind regards meaning is similar. No special occasion is needed to put down those phrases at the end of the formal or informal letter.

Various Queries Explained

Why is it important to study the usage of in regard to or in regards to? How can politeness help in real life? Perhaps, you have heard a phrase, “The Lannisters send their regards?” This family is a great example of how one can make friends even with enemies by remaining tolerant and polite to everyone. They used to get the upper hand on their foes in a rather definitive fashion. Watch the show to understand the point.

Some people confuse Lord Dominik’s Regards with one of the complimentary closes. In fact, it has nothing to do with this theme – it’s just an item from the League of Legends game.

One more popular query is, “give my regards to Broadway.” That is just a famous song by George M. Cohan, so do. Not mind.

Now, the last thing to consider is the difference between often confused in regards to with regards to. “In regards to” usually means a link to someone while the second phrase refers to “concerning.”

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