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Affect vs Effect

Affect and Effect

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It’s so easy to make a false step in writing. We meet such challenges as homophones. They sound in the same way but there’s a huge contrast in definition. Affect and effect belong to them. Imagine that someone dictates a text and you have to write it down. It’s a real mess! That’s why you have to read this article and keep in mind when we select “affect” and when “effect” should be written.

Affect And Effect Definition

A simple method to find out which word to choose is to get the message of each one. Then you’ll select each word correctly. Well, here’s the effect vs affect meaning:

  • “Effect” belongs to nouns. It’s a result of some action; impression; influence. Sometimes we meet it in a role of a verb.
  • “Affect” is known as a verb. It’s selected in case some phenomenon or person has an influence on another phenomenon or person. It also expresses “to produce”.

Now research those rules to make an affect change masterfully.

Should I Choose Affect Or Effect?

In case you’re using affect, an activity will be expressed. Mostly it’s a verb. It expresses an influence on smth:

  • Bad weather may affect a number of ill pupils.
  • Different thoughts affect your mood.

But we select affect like a noun to show expression of a face:

  • Little boy’s affect showed that he was suffering emotionally.

In case you’re using effect, it means that you determine it as a result of something:

  • The speaker’s words had a great effect on an audience.
    Here’re the words, which are followed by effect:

    • take,
    • on,
    • an,
    • into,
    • the,
    • any,
    • or.
  • This book has an effect on students.
  • The experiment may cause any effect.

Choose effect like a verb to express smth causes something:

  • A creative boss will definitely effect an improvement of the office climate.

Phrases containing affect:

  • Bad advertising campaign affects any business negatively.
  • His words affected me deeply.
  • That accident may affect vehicle traffic.
  • Amazing papers will affect students’ grades positively.
  • I created a building scheme by myself and it affected ideas of all other students.
  • A good leader knows how to affect team unity.
  • Tom knew this situation will affect relations with neighbors.

Phrases containing effect:

  • Another choice will have a great effect on their family.
  • New rules came into effect yesterday.
  • New dress had a great effect on all guests.
  • Her words really had a desirable effect on pupils.
  • That article had a controversial effect on readers.
  • Her team desired to reach the greatest effect.
  • All girls say this diet has a great effect.

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