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Get Ready to Pass ACT English Exams?

ACT Rules

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One of the scariest examination is coming and you still don’t know how to pass it well? It’s clear that you can’t remember all act English rules. At least you can look through our list and try to keep in mind the most tricky ones. They will help you to survive during the period, when the test will last. Get acquainted with well-known act grammar rules.

Main Grammar Rules

Here’re English grammar rules to remember:

  • Run-on and fragment.
    Notice: a full sentence includes a thought, a subject and a predicate verb. We call it a fragment when one of those parts is lost. A run-on is a text containing a few thoughts and a large piece of info.
  • Verbs and tenses.
    You’ll meet long phrases composed of many words and a few clauses. First of all, you’d select a subject of each one. It’ll be easier to find out, which verb fits it. You’ll have to be prepared for items concerning tenses: past, past perfect, present, present perfect, future and future perfect.
  • Punctuation rules.
    ACT will have questions about:

    • comas;
    • dashes;
    • apostrophes;
    • exclamation points;
    • columns;
    • question marks;
    • semicolons.
  • Idioms.
    They are phrases composed of two and more words. Their definitions differ from the meaning of each word on its own. We have two-part idioms like “not only…but also”, “neither…nor” and prepositional ones like “opposed to”, participate in”.
  • Avoid wordiness.
    Answers should contain less words and be clear.
  • Parallel structure.
    In such sentences words should be in the same pattern.
  • Pronounce.
    You’d use pronounces cautiously and watch each form to concern an antecedent in a sentence.
  • Modifiers.
    Such words describe nouns. Keep in mind: nouns are modified by adjectives, and verbs are modified by adverbs.
  • Transition and diction.
    Pay attention to transitional phrases and don’t let ACT make a fool of you. Right words show cause, effect, continuation or contrast.
  • Strategy.
    Sometimes you’re asked to determine a construction of a text or delete sentences after revision. Take your time and don’t be fast with this item.

Keep Grammar Tips for SAT

Have in mind those tips and prepare for ACT tests. Save them for other checks. SAT grammar rules list mostly looks the same.

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