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Mag Jehnsen

Mag Jehnsen

Mag is 29 years old and she’s a writer at an educational project. She fills the source with content and composes posts for social media. Mag has also written hundreds of articles in various topics and spheres: tourism, lifestyle, finances etc.

She lives in Providence with her adorable family. Mag likes to work with children and teaches English her little friends. Kids adore her lessons because they play games and read different fairy tales. Children come during their summer holidays and love spending time with their teacher.

Mag adores books and has already created a real library at home. She also writes poems and works on her book of short stories. Mag loves sport and visits gym three times a week.

She adores her dog Mona, who helped her to cope with life challenges.

Mag travels a lot and she says that she’d rather prefer mountains than sea.

Affect vs Effect

Affect and Effect

Date Published: | Author: Mag Jehnsen | 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars10 votes - 98.00% Click a star to vote

It’s so easy to make a false step in writing. We meet such challenges as homophones. They sound in the same way but there’s a huge contrast in definition. Affect and effect belong to them. Imagine that someone dictates a…

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